The Swiss mechanical watch production is classified in three different processes of which T1 is when the parts of movement are decorated, assembled and finely toned by expert watchmakers to make the movement work perfectly.


Back in the days (between the 30’s and the 70’s) Armand Nicolet had one of the most specialised ateliers in the T1 process.

Particularly focused on the complicated mechanical movements produced at that time like the Venus Chronographs (including the Rattrappante or Split Second), the Complete Calendar and many other calibres.


Through the skills and knowledge of their factory’s master watch-makers the company used to finish and sell these movements to many of the most prestigious Swiss brands.

At the end of the 70’s, when the crisis hit the Swiss Watch Industry because of quartz movements making their big entrance on the market, unlike other brands which either closed their factories or underwent a conversion process, the Armand Nicolet factory, managed by Willy Nicolet (son of Armand), succeeded to preserve their extraordinary knowledge keeping the atelier open throughout those difficult years.


The new management saw the huge potential in having this treasure and decided to rescue, maintain and continuously develop the company’s know-how by working on these old movements (such as UNITAS, Venus, ETA, Peseux, FHF etc…) and bringing them back to a new life.

Such beautiful and extraordinary movements are now featured in our O.H.M (Original Historical Movement) Series that because of the few original historical movements still available are created only in Limited Editions.


These products locate Armand Nicolet on the market in a unique position of which we are very proud of.


The precious artisan savoir-faire is alive and dynamic at the Armand Nicolet factory and enables the production of unique and truly valuable watches. Constantly in search of innovation and perfection our master watch-makers rigorously pursue the tradition of Armand Nicolet, developing inside our atelier all steps of the production process, from the project to the assembly and the final control of each part and of the final product.


Each Armand Nicolet watch is delivered with its individual International Warranty Certificate and also a Certificate of Authenticity.

All the Armand Nicolet's O.H.M Series are produced in Limited Edition as the quantity is limited by the number of movements we have still available. We certify that your Armand Nicolet features an Original Historical Movements that we have restored and finely tuned.

It is not only a beautiful and unique piece of art but also an Original Piece of History.


All Movements

All Movements


Watch Model:


Caliber derived from UT-176


Year of manufacturing: 1951

Year of production: 2006

The L06 features manual winding movement with Small Seconds functions AN501, derived from UT 176 (300 pcs in the version with 18 rubies and 125 pcs in the version with 17 rubies).
UT 176 was made in 1951 and it was restored in our atelier in 2006.
We tuned it and elaborated it by adding more modern and
refined technical characteristics.
This movement like its predecessor is mechanical manual wound with 17 jewels and a maximum of 34 hours of power reserve.

The bezel is fixed while the main crown is fluted for perfect
maneuverability while winding the watch or setting the time.


Before / After






The Process



Selection of the components of the historical movements


Control and labeling of the components of the historical movements to verify that all items are available

Cattura 1.PNG
Cattura 2.PNG


Measure of all the historical original components with a high precision machinery


After each component has been measured the
results are put into the 3D program that reelaborates the data and reproduces the movement in detail.

At this point the watchmakers decide whether they need to make changes either for decorating reasons or for technological improvement, such as the addition of the Incabloc system



After the changes have been agreed on,
the movements are tuned and decorated


In order to achieve magnificent decorations we use the original historical tools and machineries that haven't been outclassed yet by modern machines

Cattura 6.PNG
Cattura 7.PNG


The whole assembling process is carefully
carried out manually by Armand Nicolet's
master watchmakers


Manual assembling of the movements

Cattura 8.PNG
Cattura 9.PNG


Final function check


Heartbeat-like magic suond of an Origianl Historical Movement

Cattura 10.PNG