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Armand Nicolet is offering you a new way to purchase that piece you have had your eye on for a while.

The Trade In is a part exchange service, in which Armand Nicolet will consider a customer’s existing wristwatch, in exchange for an excellent price on a new Armand Nicolet watch. This is not just limited to Armand Nicolet watches, any of your watches will be considered.

Just one more way that Armand Nicolet is innovating within the industry.

To take advantage of this service, all you need to do is fill out the form below and upload two clear photos. Appraisals will be given free of charge.

Please note, you must be able to provide proof of legitimate ownership of the watch you would like to trade-in. Armand Nicolet reserves the right to not make an offer.

Thank you! You'll be contact as soon as possible.

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