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Armand Nicolet is a Swiss company and as such respects Swiss and European law on distance selling. Therefore buying from Nicolet S.A. is safe, there is no risk of fraud and, if problems arises it will be resolved quickly and with the best possible solution. 

Users who browse and buys on Nicolet S.A. automatically accepts, without reservation, the terms and conditions and pages linked to it, the contents of which do not affect the legal rights of the consumer. Nicolet S.A. reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time the terms and conditions of sale. it is the clients responsibility to remain informed of any changes through this page and its links. 


It is strictly prohibited to enter false, altered and / or invented information.
 We reserve the right to prosecute any kind of violation or abuse, in their own interest, users and institutions. 


Prices on Nicolet S.A. may be subject to continuous updates, at any time and without notice due to different commercial reasons. The prices include VAT where applicable for EU countries and EU target companies with VAT number enabled for Intrastat transactions. Changing the destination country in note section in addressee format. Bear in mind that within the EU there are customs duties to be paid and the total is not inclusive of all expenses, because Switzerland is outside EU. 

The shipping costs are in the price and in some cases free. Transactions are always made in euros (€) or Francs (CHF). 

For each order a receipt is issued, or alternatively an invoice is issued, if the appropriate option has been selected at the time of purchase. 


The purchases on Nicolet S.A. ( are allowed only to adults (over 18 years) or children under adult supervision. Nicolet S.A. assumes that all data provided by the client is true and correct, that the buyer is a holder of the same of payment method chosen for the purchase and that there is enough credit to complete the payment.
Once the order has been received, an email confirming this will be sent automatically to the users email address stating the order details. This email does not establish the start of a contract between customer and seller (Nicolet S.A.), but is only a forwarded order summary. Nicolet S.A. is free to accept or decline any order received. In case of an order is refused, Nicolet S.A. will contact the client so as to provide a full refund. 


Nicolet S.A. can accept payments by credit card (Paypal circuit) or bank transfer only. 
All orders placed by bank transfer and not payed in full by following 10 days from order date, will be automatically deleted. 


It is always possible to change or cancel an order provided that the order is not shown as "In progress" visible in the email status update and in the section of the user profile related to your order. Once it has passed this status, the order can no longer be changed or cancelled, neither the address nor the goods purchased and can not be cancelled. 
On receiving the goods, excluding customized products you can always return it by following the returns procedure of an order (note that you have the right to return and order within 14 days of receiving). Freight for returns are at costumer charge. Returned products must be sent in their own package if possible and must not be used. Refund will be completed once parcel is received and with the same payment system used by the costumer. 


You can cancel an order up until it does not reach the status “in preparation” After this status, the order is already being processed, and in the case of an On Request product, and the order may have been confirmed with the supplier the cancellation is no longer possible. Cancellation is possible only by sending an email at: or filling all required sections at Contact Us. Order number must be provided in any case to better reply. You will receive a request that will be dealt with in 24-48 business hours with a subsequent refund if order is already paid. 


Once payment has been received and verified, Nicolet S.A. will immediately proceed to prepare to prepare your order. In some rare instances of preparation and dispatch times may be delayed due to warehouse errors such as simultaneous purchases on limited quantities, availability or products with defects only seen at the time of preparation of the order. These problems will be handled promptly by our customer care, with maximum transparency and speed, which in this case the client can feel free to cancel the order at any time. The shipping costs are clearly indicated in the shopping cart during the order confirmation process and are included in the total amount.
 Delivery times depend on the delivery service chosen, a tracking code will be sent by email upon request so as to be able to check the parcel status. The customer is directly responsible for the accuracy of every statement posted. In case of a undelivered package (for example, incorrect address provided or absent recipient) the parcel will return back to the sender. Nicolet S.A. is not responsible for any delay caused by the shipping service (for example, deliveries to remote areas, strikes, natural disasters, unforeseen logistics etc.). 
When problems arises, our customer care will always give assistance. 
For orders with destination to non-EU or EU countries, local VAT, customs duties and charges / are not included in the total, and are charged to the customer. 


In every country, from EU or outside EU, the imported goods are subject to a clearance procedure. When you buy from Nicolet S.A., the goods are shipped from Switzerland. Therefore the buyer becomes an importer and therefore is responsible for the goods passing customs in the destination country. As an importer, the buyer assumes all the responsibility for customs clearance as well as for any questions relating to inspection or retention misuse. Please note that customs services have the right to stop and inspect the goods as long as they consider it necessary. Consequently, Nicolet S.A. can not be held responsible for any delay due to the customs clearance procedure. Customs duties, taxes and / or customs clearance expenses (including any intermediaries where expected) can be applied to the import of the goods are borne by the customer. For International shipments, our offices provides couriers with the necessary documentation and information deeded for the shipment. However for in-depth checks of the goods by the customs services, you may be required additional documents. In this case, Nicolet S.A. will do everything possible for the buyer to provide assistance and necessary documents for the customs clearance. 


Nicolet S.A. is a website that works according to Swiss and European regulations, ensuring high standards of service. This is to ensure to all buyers a pleasant shopping experience, guaranteeing the rights that protect consumers. Nicolet S.A. is also committed to finding solutions to any problem that has arisen and provides assistance even after sales. 


The Consumer Code (Legislative Decree. N. 206/2005) to art. 128-135 obliges the seller to guarantee to consumers the suitability of the purchased goods to the characteristics and quality offered. The seller is then responsible for the lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery for all products sold in his shop. The lack of conformity exists when the product: 

  • is not suitable for the intended use to which it is indicated; 

  • does not conform to the description or does not possess the qualities as indicated by the seller; 

  • is not suitable for the particular use desired by the consumer, if the latter has been informed in an incomplete and/or incorrect way during the time of the purchase by the seller. 


All products on the website are protected by official manufacturer's warranty; This warranty for products is valid for 24 months, while for accessories and spare parts is valid for 12 months from the date of receipt of the goods. The guarantee will be applied to products that present lack of conformity and / or operation, not evident at the time of purchase. The warranty is not applied in the case of incorrect installation of the product, lack of maintenance, abuse or negligence, incorrect use and / or product fraudulent, altered by them selves and attempted unauthorized repairing. It is important to install, repair and use your product by following the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the product and preventing any accidents due to miss installations. The guarantee is personal, therefore, applicable to the original purchaser. To qualify for repair or replacement of the product, the purchaser must show a proof of purchase such as the order summary attached with the tax receipt contained inside the package, the invoice duly selected during the time of order, etc. The important thing is that the document including the date and the items purchased. The buyer has to produce the original receipt or documentation for the order. 
A warranty will not be excepted if the receipt or original documents can’t be supplied.
Due to rapid deterioration of the chemical ink used on receipt paper, Nicolet S.A. recommends the buyer to make a copy, so as to preserve if necessary for future use. Any item which has been changed using a valid warranty, will then be covered for a time period equivalent to the remaining time period warranty of the original product. Any repair costs for items not subject to warranty will be communicated in advance to the purchaser by email. The consumer can then decide whether to repair the item, or to retrieve it without it being repaired. The shipping costs are for the client.
If it is not possible to repair or replace the product Nicolet S.A. reserves the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value or a partial refund. The repair or replacement timing of a warranty object vary depending on the manufacturer. It is therefore not possible to determine in advance a guarantee of management time. Before sending a product in warranty it is necessary to follow the procedure in the section Changing or cancelling orders and returns. 


Nicolet S.A. is not responsible for any damages caused by miss installation of a product received. We strongly advised to check the goods before giving it to your mechanic or to whoever will assemble it (also make sure that they are qualified to do the specified job). Please also read the warranty terms before installing or repairing a product (some manufacturers require qualified staff, under penalty of invalidation of the guarantee). If the item is damaged or if the warranty is no longer valid, Nicolet S.A. can not be held responsible. 


Nicolet S.A. can not be held responsible for any direct and / or indirect damages arising from the sale of goods available on the website.
 Nicolet S.A. not be held liable in any fraudulent use and abuse of its website, its services and for any type of payment made from third parties. Nicolet S.A. disclaims any liability for damages of any kind, caused direct or indirect, or consequential loss of data, income or profit, loss or damage to property and implicit or explicit claims by third parties relating to the use of its website. Nicolet S.A. does not claim ownership of any user content posted on Nicolet S.A. pages (including the associated social network). The users grants Nicolet S.A. the liberty of transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free copyright to reproduce directly or indirectly, temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part the content around the world. 


In accordance with the provisions of the EU Regulation 524/2013 is available on the platform of the European Commission for the online resolution are available on the following link 
Such procedure could lead to costs for for both parties depending on the entity chosen as the dispute arbitrator. 


Nicolet S.A. reserves the right to use Cookies in order to improve the service.


The Terms and Conditions of Nicolet S.A. are stipulated under the Swiss and European legislation. Any dispute that may arise between the parties are governed by Swiss law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Switzerland. 


All product descriptions, photos and any information related to the items on the website is considered property of Nicolet S.A.. It is therefore forbidden to reproduce partial or in whole without permission. Nicolet S.A. is intended to be seen on behalf of the user only. The use of automated processes for content or prices is considered a violation of copyright and is prohibited except as expressly agreed with Nicolet S.A. or where Nicolet S.A. themselves has authorized the process. 


By uploading images, you acknowledge and agree that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the images, including all of the rights necessary to provide, publish, upload, insert or submit these images. In addition to the above mentioned, by uploading and publishing images, the user guarantees and represents that: 

  • a. is the copyright owner of such images, or that the copyright holder of such images has granted permission to use such images or any element contained in such images accordingly to the terms and use. 

  • b. each person shown in such images, if any, has given consent to the use, including by way of example, the distribution, public display and reproduction of such images. 

By posting images, you grant all persons who have access to them (without compensation) permission to use the images, including a non-exclusive - worldwide, royalty-free license to: copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, modify and transmit the images without your name being associated with such images and the right to license such rights to third parties. Nicolet S.A. reserves the right to remove uploaded images if the content may be abusive, offensive, discriminative in any case (religious or sexual, for example) or if the content refers to competing sites. 

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