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The story of Armand Nicolet begins around 1875 in Tramelan, a little town in the Bernese Jura. 

Armand Nicolet, son of a watchmaker, after a brilliant apprenticeship set up his "Atelier d'Horlogerie".

monsieur nicolet B7c


In 1902 he affirmed his technical maturity by producing a pocket watch with “guilloché”rose gold case, enamel dial, single button chronographic function, complete calendar, repeating hours, quarter hours and minutes.

During those years, Armand Nicolet also refined his technical skills by doing important studies on design that would influence his future work. His watches, masterpieces of pure beauty, quality and precision are still to be found in Nicolet SA’s museum and continue to arouse interest among international collectors.


When he died in 1939, his son Willy assumed the reins of the family enterprise and developed it to be one of the most important production facilities in the region.

willy Nicolet B7c
Rolando Braga


In 1987 Willy Nicolet met by chance Mr. Rolando Braga, an Italian entrepreneur active in the watch field. The encounter proved to be strategic and was the beginning of the cooperation between the extraordinary Swiss technical skills and Italian creativity.

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