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Armand Nicolet has given one of their most successful collections a makeover and is now introducing a newly re-styled M02 line. The original concept that years ago inspired the first version of this family hasn’t changed, but the Maison this time has focused particularly on comfort and ergonomics.

In order to make the watch as comfortable as possible on a man’s wrist, the diameter of the case has been reduced a little and time-telling is now easier thanks to a revisited dial where Arabic numbers are displayed alternatively to indexes.

For this upgraded line Armand Nicolet has put special efforts into technical details, the studies carried out with devotion by our team have led to the creation of a new stainless-steel bracelet and a stronger and much easier-to-use deploy buckle for straps.

The investments made on our industrial process, along with the adoption of new movements finished according to Armand Nicolet’s specifications and standards, have allowed us to make a product of superlative quality at an incredible price.

The M02 is a great example of the fantastic results you get when you succeed to put together Italian design and charm with Swiss care for details and precision.

M02 - design watch collection
M02 - design watch collection
M02 watch collection
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